Why is my Blu Win HD Lte Windows 10 phone touch screen unresponsive?

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Why is my Blu Win HD Lte windows 10 phone touch screen unresponsive

I am playing a game on my Blu Win HD lte phone which has windows 10 on it and when ever I play for some reason the touch screen becomes unresponsive the more I play its a strange thing I have never seen before I would appreciate some help.

Raja Venkatesh R

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Sep 28, 2015
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It happens in my Blu Win HD LTE also. I press the lock button and wait for a while (4-5 secs), Click lock (Unlock), swipe up and immediately the stuck app continues to work. In very rare cases, the stuck app says "Resuming..." and keeps resuming for long and nothing happens. In such case we are with no luck. Press Back button for a while and swipe the hung app down and restart the app from start. You current status will be lost.

Note: The same scenario happens in my wife's Lumia 620 with Win 10 Insider's build as well. My Blu Win HD LTE is on Win 8.1 Update 2. :cry:

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