Why is Opera mobile so crappy? (Rant)


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Dec 1, 2009
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This is another one of my multi-site threads, allright now lets get started with my claims. I will start with talking about the very first version of opera mobile ive ever used, it was 8.5.x it loaded the PC versions of every site BUT it would often cry low memory and then crash and it would also not display text right (larger than normal even with settings on minimum) and when i would type it would input large spaces in between words and yet we were expected to pay $29.99 for it (were they crazy?).

Now that i am on my HTC touch pro which comes with opera 9.5 preinstalled it runs pretty stable but there are still problems.

-it cries low memory even tho i have plenty of RAM free and then stops loading a webpage.

-regular links dont respond when i click them unless i do it about after 20 times or so

-mobile site redirects (but this is fixed with the UA hacks)

-rendering problems on sites, certain boxes dont pop up (ie. facebook friend request dialogs.),cant respond to messages on myspace.com or compose new ones, this means i cant do a new browse when away from the computer.opera officials and tech bloggers cite that opera mobile has excellent ajax and web standards support tho my experience is quite the opposite.

-when typing the screen does not scroll over as i type.

-CANT even close it or access it from the task manager unless you do some hacking.

-links sometimes dont respond unless i pull out stylus or press on it multiple times.

-CANT render the frames on my schools student websites properly (ie blackboard NOTE: PIE does this perfectly)

-CRASHES when trying to access ppcgeeks.com

I've also tried most of the opera 9.7 betas and its improved all issues I've had with opera 9.5 except:

-mobile site redirects are worse even with the UA hacks

-screen corruption problems when i recieve a text message, email or IM

-tap and hold menus sometimes dont work

-still cant send messages on myspace and other networking sites

now we are at opera 10 the latest beta suffers these problems

-memory hog

-graphics on sites are pixelated

-does not play nice with OzIM

-mobile redirects are solved with UA hacks tho i would like to see them resolved without having to do this.

-STILL cannot send messages on myspace and tagged.com but at least can send friend requests and access notifications on facebook so thats an improvement.

-when typing with the touch screen, the type cursor moves back to the top line which causes me to have to use the hardware keyboard when typing 2 line messages.

WHY cant they get it right? the iris browser does not suffer these problems only thing i dont like about it is theres no text reflow when zooming in IM not giving them any of my $$$ until all these problems are resolved and also if it will have flash support. has anyone found other issues other than those i have reported? and is there a build of opera mobile that does not suffer these issues, if so can i have a link to it?


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Mar 28, 2010
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I am using 9.5 (comes loaded on Tilt 2/TP2) and it works just fine (so far). It doesn't crash when I load ppcgeeks. I will have to check out Mini to see if its any better/worse.

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