Why is the Windowsphone app for Desktop so disappointing?

Elton Mbofana

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Jul 9, 2014
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Windowsphone app for Desktop

I am a bit disappointed by the limited functionality of the windowsphone app for desktop. i migrated from a nokia e72 phone where i used the the nokia suite and the nokia ovi app for desktop which had comprehensive functionality for the nokia handsets. i could easily synchronise my phone content to the desktop and vice versa. i could play vidoes from the phone directly on the desktop without first downloading to the desktop, answer and make calls and send sms!

And what i miss most is to download apps directly from the desktop to the cellphone whilst connected to the desktop app. this is very convenient in my context where wifi is not widely available. Surely MSFT is it so hard to understand how important to enable direct download of windowsphone apps to the handset through the desktop app?? this is beyond me!!

may be this functionality is available but i am ignorant about this can somebody help out there??

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