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Why is this error 0x80242022 coming up in Win 10 store?

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why is this error 0x80242022 coming up in win 10 store

the error only comes up when downloading MineCraft Story Mode, it downloaded fine to my page but when i tried to download to nieces it downloaded fine next morning it was offline, message said reinstall to fix on both mine and the nieces. i did both several times when it said here is the error code if you need it.

Mad Cabbie

Retired Ambassador
Jun 9, 2015
Re: why is this error 0x80242022 coming up in win 10 store

Is this phone or PC? Sometimes on phone this code crops up, and you will be asked to allow store to override you settings, if you have selected apps to SD, to install to your internal storage. It can also appear when you don't have an SD inserted.

Strange, but that's what I found out after hours of head scratching!

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