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Why is this happening?

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My brother tried to access my phone and did some wrong patterns ,it shown that try after 1 minute,but when i saw it said try after 176 hours and some minute.
So ,i searched online how to reset my phone .I reseted my phone using steps provided.
but it stuck on the blue screen on which it was written "...,You can search online later"
What should i do know?


May 15, 2013
A little more information would be enable people to assist you better :) such as

1) What phone are you using?
2) Which version of the Windows Phone are you running?
3) Did you to hard reset (same as factory reset) or soft reset?

Presuming you are using Windows Phone and did a hard reset.

This will completely wipe your phone.

1) Download and use the lumia recovery tool
2) Connect your phone with the usb cable that is provided with your phone as that is a factory cable
3) Follow the on-screen prompts
4) Post back with results - if it worked or not :).