why is windows 11 photos app showing this weird language?

Asif Shadab Malick

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Nov 14, 2015
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I just got myself a new Windows PC. From HP it is quite well. Specked with 16GB RAM, 6GB graphics, one terabyte of SSD storage and. Ryzen 5000 series processor. As soon as I unboxed my PC and booted my computer, I got a prompt that I can immediately install Windows 11. And excited as I was, I did it. And so far I have no issue except for one where in the photos app. The interface is in some strange foreign alien type language. I have no idea what that is and other applications so far are working fine. Also, when I try to use the clock app. The focus sessions feature it asked me to log into my Spotify. And when that small popup window came up where I have to log in to Spotify that. Pop-up window was also in that particular foreign language. We have posted it in the Windows feedback. I don't know if. They are going to see it or not. And I tried to Google it also. And apparently, no one else is having this problem. Or are you? So please help me out. By the way, I am using the new voice dictation feature and it has improved tremendously. That is for sure. Because. Microsoft voice recognition has been terrible for my accent. And now it's actually usable. Looks like it is finally catching up to Google. Thank you. Please look into my problem in case you have any suggestions. Have a good day.

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