Why isn't my local account deleting on Windows 10?

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My local account is not deleting on Windows 10

So when I upgraded to window 10 on my family computer it asked me to sign in with Microsoft or create a 'local account', I chose to make a local account till I made a new family email. Later I created a new outlook account and signed in replacing the 'local account', everything worked out fine and turned of my computer. But today when I started the computer (the first time after the last change) my older local account image(with my computer name under it) displayed on the start up window with "Sorry the username or password may be incorrect" written under my it, I pressed OK and realized that there were 2 accounts, one local account with the user name HomeGroupUser$ and the other my new Microsoft account. Now I don't know what password it was asking about but I had to manually click on my Microsoft account and to open start it . I tried checking if there are any other account and mine is the only one, the 'local account' too has been deleted too..................HOW DO I SOLVE THIS PROBLEM??????

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