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Why isn't my Lumia 1520 turning on?

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my lumia 1520 didn't turn on

hello I was playing a game with my phone and while I was playing it shut off without showng the goodbye logo I plug it in the charger so it vibrates and the start button was blinking nothing on the screen so I waited 3 hours and it still shut off so I pressed the volume down and power button together it vibrated and nothing happed just vibrate and the start button still blinking please help


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Nov 12, 2012
Re: my lumia 1520 didn't turn on


So the battery is probably in a coma. When plugging in you must wait and not press buttons, attempt to start, etc. It's likely you interuppted the chip in the battery waking up.

Do you have the Factory Charger? This is always best. Or a Nokia Qi wireless charger? Or even a known to be good data cable and a USB port?

Try switching to a different charger and WAIT without interrupting the process by trying to power on. When the chip in the battery wakes up, your 1520 will boot on its own and normal charging will start from a very low percent despite being on charger for hours. Let it charge back to 100% and then resume normal life.

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