Why isn't my Microsoft Band charging/connecting via USB?

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Microsoft Band not charging/connecting via USB

I've owned this Microsoft Band for a bit under a month, and initially had no issues with the product : it worked as advertised.

However, about a week ago, the band was not communicating with my PC anymore (the PC app asks me to plug the device in, it cannot find the device) but it would still charge the band. I've tested each port on my PC and even a different computer with the same results.

I did notice some oily build-up on the edges of the charging port for the band and cleaned it with a toothpick/tissue combination, as it was partially covering one of the charging pins. Unfortunately, this did not solve the issue. The band continued charging, but not connecting.

Now it is not even charging, even with nice and clean pins. As new as this device is, I'm not finding any information on Band problems outside of Microsoft's troubleshooting guide. I have followed these directions, no change.

This was a gift to my husband, and he's really psyched to, in his words, "Be part of the FUTURE." So psyched, that we drove 65 miles one-way to get to a Microsoft Store and get him this very specific thing. We ended up dropping something like $250 on this sucker with the full protection plan and all that - the thing is, he's not rough been rough with it. He treats it delicately. I was really expecting to not have hardware problems with it in the first month. Software, sure, that stuff always has some bugs - but not hardware.


My husband loves his band, but it ain't charging. Nearest Microsoft Store is fffffar. Device and cable have been cleaned, no apparent damage on either end. Problem isolated to cable and/or Band itself. Now what? Any other tests we can do? Known issues, maybe?

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Re: Microsoft Band not charging/connecting via USB

Well, you did the smart thing when you said this "with the full protection plan and all that". Its a new product and in my experience, these kinds of issues are expected. Good you were smart to cover yourself. I'd get to a MS store but call and speak with a supervisor in advance that you are coming and get a supervisors name. You should be OK. They are pretty good about resolving issues like this.

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