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Why my battery is not charging in my Lumina 950 and how long the warranty work in this phone

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I had this 3 months whit this phone and is frustrating that's not working anymore

abhishek singh21

Apr 27, 2014
the manufacturer warranty covers the device for 1 year and battery for 6 months. You can avail the free replacement if the battery is found at fault. to do that take your device for an inspection at your local authorized service center.

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New member
Apr 15, 2013
It's a shame really, Nokia phones (like my 820 then my 930) were guaranteed for 2 years, including the battery. So my 930 still has a couple of months cover left. I miss Nokia, I wish they'd make a new Windows phone along with their planned Android devices. It was a real mistake for MS to chase them away.