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Why my download is not starting for a specific app ?

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WPCentral Question

i tried downloading candy crush on OS 8.1 ( L530) but it stuck midway, so i cancelled it and tried again. After that, it showed app is installed but i couldnt find it anywhere!
I also tried installing it manually but error code 80070057 is coming.
Please help me. This is happening only with Candy crush.

Vinit Pratap

New member
Apr 9, 2014
There are few apps which don't get installed or download even if you have fast internet and light sized app. This is very long issue bothering me and i can't use my fav. apps due to this. This 'pending' and 'error' thing sucks. Some time even if you have up to date app it shows update for that app and don't let you download that update, & last updated date still shows the one you already have. WP store seriously needs to clear this up at their back end or wherever this problem is occuring.

Jesse Sasso

New member
Apr 21, 2014
It happened to me to with the recent Netflix and Candy Crush updates too. Mine finally pushed through yesterday after pausing/resuming and toggling between data and wifi. Just keep 'retrying all'.