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Why my phone not getting the new build Windows 10061 in Lumia 535?

Aravind U

New member
Dec 26, 2014
I have recently installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview Version. I cjose Windows Insider Slow option to download the OS and now I have my OS version as 10.0.12534.59 which is 10052. I am facing so many problems in it and I heard the new build have some of this issues solved. So I decided to install that one, but unfortunately my phone is not identifying the latest update. When I check for the updates it says my phone is up-to-date. I used both Insider Fast and Insider Slow to check for the updates and both times it shows I have latest update.
Can you tell me anyway to force the update. Or else I will roll back to windows 8.1.

I'm from India. My phone is Lumia 535.

Thanks in advance

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