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why my speaker not working when I am on call?


New member
Jun 27, 2018
As I am using my Lumia 900 and I am facing a problem regarding the sound. whenever I am on the call, I didn't get sound from the other side.I have also checked <a href="https://microsoftsupport.co/microsoft-support-canada">Microsoft Support Canada</a> to know about this.So is there any solution of this problem??


May 15, 2013
Your speaker might be faulty and beyond that your phone is EOL'd (end of life) so you're not going to get any software updates. Check if your phone is diverting to the headphone jack when you're on a call, I had this happen once or twice on my Lumia 920. A soft reboot fixed it, holding the volume down and power button at the same time.

Your only other option is to buy another phone.