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Why no Ethernet internet connection?

Ronald Keller

New member
Aug 2, 2015
update to 10 now have internet troubles, At first it would connect once to the internet but for only a very short time, now it has not connected for the past 24hrs (I am using my laptop win 7 to connect, through the same router) so its not a router problem. BUT I have connection between my desktop and laptop via home-group and network, the Ethernet icon at the bottom right of the screen says "connected to the internet" Email (Outlook) will not connect to receive or send mail, Edge will not connect Goggle crome does not connect. I have tried a few things; resetting adapter through admin.C-prompt. Does anyone have a real fix, PLEAS HELP? (I use a Dell Presion T3400) It randomly connects and downloads and sends some of my mail then stops It seems to have its own agenda. at random it connect to Edges home web page??
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