Why Snapdragon 850 leaked benchmark outcry might be wrong


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Jan 18, 2013
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Hello, a couple of days ago there were a lot of headlines about a leaked Snapdragon 850 benchmark. Basically one web site claimed that this benchmark belongs to a new device by Lenovo which uses Snapdragon 850 and all the rest of the web sites copied them:


To be clear, I am not saying these news are wrong. But I am just saying they "might" be wrong.

As a person who is looking forward to new devices using this CPU and because there is not much information about it, I decided to check out what to expect in terms of performance from Snapdragon 850, compared to devices using Snapdragon 835 CPU like Asus NovaGo and HP Envy x2.

There is no official SD850 benchmark but there are a lot of SD845 and SD835 benchmarks. I know I know, these are phones and don't necessarily represent laptop performance with better heat dissipation capabilities but it will still give us an idea. Also Asus NovaGo's benchmark results are very close to SD835 benchmarks of phones.

Anyway, first let's see the benchmarks scores of SD835 single core devices:


(All benchmark scores are taken from geekbench.com )

Here are single core benchmark scores of SD845:


Rough average is about:

SD835 score: 1900
SD845 score: 2350

So SD845 provides about 24% performance increase over SD835. The leaked benchmark is pretty close in this regard.

Here are multi core benchmark scores of SD835:


And here are multi core benchmark scores of SD845:


Rough average:

SD835 score: 6300
SD845 score: 8500

SD845 is about 34% faster than 835. This is where the leaked benchmark is not even close. Leaked benchmark says SD850 is only about 7% faster.

And note that Microsoft and Qualcomm say SD850 is tweaked for Windows so that it gives even better performance compared to SD845. But sometimes, well a lot of times, companies say things like these for marketing bs. So let's assume SD850 performance won't improve much over SD845.

Conclusion: I have some doubts about this leaked benchmarks. Single core performance is about what we expected but multi core performance is way lower than what we would expect so there is a chance that the leaked benchmark doesn't reflect the real scores.

To add my opinion; single core performance is more important especially for ARM CPUs because the multi core scores of flagship ARM CPUs are already comparable with Intel laptop CPUs. What ARM CPUs lacking is single core performance.

We already know that Snapdragon 850 won't be as powerful as Core i5 or i7 on laptops. ARM is targeting those kind of performances for CPUs to be released in 2019-2020. So don't be disappointed when the real benchmarks of SD850 are released. But SD850 might still provide a good enough experience to everyday users with much better battery life.

Let's wait and see, I am looking forward to official benchmarks of Snapdragon 850...

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