Why the death of Windows 10 Mobile may be a good thing

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Dec 17, 2013
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All good things must come to an end. Windows 10 Mobile is no exception.
The imminent death of Windows 10 Mobile shouldn't come as a surprise to optimistic nor pessimistic Microsoft watchers. Observations from both camps foresaw its demise. Pessimist's concluded that the weight of opposition stacked against Microsoft would ultimately cause the company to abandon Windows 10 Mobile and its mobile ambitions.

Optimists concluded that like its predecessors, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile would be replaced by a successor. Full Windows on ARM or some other form of Windows utilizing CShell are anticipated to succeed Windows 10 Mobile. This would bring the full power of Windows to unique mobile devices and bring OS consistency across all form factors. With hints of an imminent introduction of Andromeda OS, Microsoft's context-conforming Windows OS, the optimist's analysis seems the more accurate of the two.

Still, the death of Windows 10 Mobile, like that of its predecessors, will leave many Windows phone enthusiasts with devices that can't be upgraded. There's no sugarcoating it, that hurts and many fans are mad about it. It's also another mark on an already marred history for Microsoft and mobile. But it's not all bad. The death of Windows 10 Mobile may be a good thing.

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