Why was a Nokia Lumia 1020 was replaced with a 930 as an Upgrade???

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I have just had my mobile phone serviced through an authorised repair centre for Microsoft phones. They told me my phone had been "upgraded" but the phone I received in the mail was not my 1020 at all, but a 930.
The problem I have with this, along with losing all my data and personalised settings for various apps, is that the 1020 is a 41mp camera, whereas the 930 has only a 20mp camera. I had purchased the 1020 specifically for the camera and now have accessories that do not fit the 930 at all, and even if they did, why would I want 20mp photos?
The advice that they had to replace the 1020 with a 930 came from Microsoft and no doubt relates mostly to the software. But there was only one problem with the existing 1020 mobile phone so I don't see why the whole thing had to be replaced, especially since I paid over $600 for it to be serviced.
I would have preferred to purchase another 1020 than have a 930.
Could you please advise me how I can have this issue addressed now.
The phone company gave me the number for Microsoft but unfortunately after 19minutes waiting time I was cut off.
Thank you


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Nov 12, 2012
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I'm sure that the difference was no availability of any 1020 devices to give you.

Best you could do would be to get them to send your 1020 back, but obviously they were unable to fix it... Not knowing what was wrong with the 1020 you sent in, I would imagine it was not software as they would have just flashed it back to stock with the original ROM.

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Ejay Lozano

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Nov 28, 2012
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Send the L930 back, request to get your old phone back along with your money back. They should of gave you an option for an upgrade to another high end lumia or your phone back along with a refund. That's not fair.

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