Why won't my PC get past the splash screen on boot

peter geary

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Jan 14, 2018
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So my problem is an usual one which I've yet to find a solution to, it's possible that it's hardware related but I'm unsure, the issue is this, I recently moved my desktop from one side of my room to another (I'll get onto this later) and after setting it back up again and plugging all of my USB devices I booted it up and it loaded straight into Windows as it should (I have turned off password authentication on boot up), it immediately popped up with notification stating it was installing drivers for unknown device, then it froze, no blue screen, it just froze as it was, no input was working and so I hard reset the PC by holding down the power button, upon turning back on the computer it will no longer get past the initial splash screen that shows the Asus Logo (Its an Asus Z170M Plus Motherboard), and even more interesting is that it does not respond to any sort of input from various keyboards, so now I'm stuck with a computer I can't use and I suspect Windows has something to do with it, if not and it's a hardware issue I'd appreciate guidance on what to do next, I've tried removing all components and testing them all, the problem still remains even with only 1 DIMM of RAM and the cpu, it just won't respond, resetting the CMOS also didn't help

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