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Wierd issues after DP update 1

Kunal Dudwadkar

New member
Nov 7, 2013
So i have a Lumia 720 which was on Developer preview and thankfully everything was pretty normal back then until the GDR1 update. Actually I had this issue once before the GDR1 update too.

1) Problem: Once i make a call to someone from the contacts list, the call goes normal and anytime during the call it goes to HOLD mode (Hold tab is still inactive but the call is being put on hold).

Solution: I need to press END call, after which the HOLD tab gets active, then i need to click again on HOLD to disable the HOLD and then only i can continue talking again. Plus after my call ends, no matter how many times I press the back button, the contact list of the person just shows up again and again instead of going to the home screen.

2) My phone has completely stopped connecting to my home WiFi, it shows limited or no internet at all. Whereas other phones work normal on my home WiFi. Tried changing router settings but nothing works :\

I cant reset my phone as the Lower volume key isn't working at all. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.