Wifi bug / issue after Denim / WP8.1U1

Aziz Abdurachman

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Jul 31, 2014
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I just notice this, it seems like WP8.1 Update 1 change the behavior of internet connection. I don't know if this bug is only on my phone, or only on Lumia 620 or in OS (WP8.1U1). And I don't know where to put this thread, so I post this on Lumia 620 Thread instead.

Before update if I connect to Wifi without internet connection it shows "No internet connection", show as "Limited" in action center, and did not have wifi icon at the top of screen.

But now it seems phone did not recognize at all that wifi I connect is don't have any internet connection, and the phone is force to use Mobile Data and it think I'm still using Wifi. I even can download 100MB+. And when I login into my Wifi it still show "Limited Connection".

This is the screenshot:

In my wifi web gui it says "Limited Service"

However it seems my phone is still having normal internet connection through wifi

And can actually can connect to internet

But is show my mobile network (carrier) as internet provider:
My mobile carrier is Indosat, and my modem/wifi carrier is Bolt Super 4G (now has trouble in network/no internet connection)
Here my setting at Mobile + SIM

However if I turn off mobile data I can't connect to internet (like it should be before update even with mobile data tuned on), but it still say I still have wifi as internet connection:

Did anyone experience this?
I think this issue should be fixed, because my phone would use a lot of mobile data instead of wifi, and more data cost would uncontrolled because I don't know when is my phone using mobile data and when is using wifi, every time is just seems like I'm using wifi.
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Nov 16, 2012
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Re: I think there wouldn't be a Lumia x40 devices.

I'm not sure what the deal with your internet connection is. But I can maybe help you change the thread title so that you get help from people who do know how to help.

To change your thread title simply go to Edit -> Advanced Edit -> Then you should be able to change the thread title from there.

Bibhakar Saran

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Apr 17, 2015
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I am having an issue with WiFi connectivity on my Lumia 925, where WiFi is limited/ no internet access. I was thinking that the phone has developed hardware fault. It was intermittent, and then suddenly stopped altogether. However, it was linked In order to resolve this issue, I have tried tech support to no avail. I was recommended to remove Denim using the recovery tool, I got back to Cyan, and still the same issue.
The WiFi connectivity worked with an open hotspot. This led me to create an open guest network, and voila, everything is working.This is of course a workaround, should you have a similar issue, it is not a hardware failure, but a software bug.

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