WiFi Error - Problem forever?!


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Dec 22, 2014
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Posted the same on answer.microsoft as well.

Phone Model: Lumia 520
Manufacturer Name: RM-914_im_india_269
Software: Windows Phone 8.1
OS version is: 8.10.12393.890 (settings -> about)

My phone's WiFi connectivity is lost, error reads,
Can't this do at the moment Try again in a little while. If the problem continues, restart your phone and try again.

I got my phone back from Nokia Head Office; they gave back to me saying that they can not repair it. Neither I can connect my phone to the PC anymore. Also, I can't click on the WiFi button in the notification drop down bar. It moves a little but not more than that.

I am using the very USB wire which came with my Lumia 520.

I did a hard reset, it didn't work as expected. I also installed the Windows Phone App for PC, it doesn't recognize my phone, BUT when phone is connected to PC it charges. I restarted the PC and everything but it won't help. So please, don't suggest that.

Is this the end of the my phone's life?
If so, then I am NEVER buying Lumia again. I am fed up of visiting the NCC again and again. Is there any permanent solution to this problem?

Since, I can not connect my phone to PC I have to wait till it syncs with OneDrive and where I live the EDGE network is poor so it takes 10-15 minutes per photo to upload.
I am extremely disappointed with Lumia. I bought it only last year in April 2013. I thought it will work fine at least for next 3-4 years but since last couple of months I am losing my faith for its productivity.

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