Win Vista to Win 7 to trying to update to Win 10

Amrit Samra

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Aug 1, 2015
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I bought a computer refurbished it originally had Windows Vista but when I bought it he installed Windows 7 and I have the product key and all but I just starting downloading and it downloaded but I didn't get a notification about Win 10 so I decided to use the Media Creation thing and downloaded it and now it is installing but it turned from that purple screen to my startup screen where I so the loading bar. But it keeps doing that and restarting a lot and it keeps doing it yet it said on that purple screen that is will restart several times but it's been restarting a lot. I was wondering will it bee fine as I am keepin my computer on all night and letting it do its it normal it's restarting a lot? And I'm keeping it on tonight yet I'm going to update in the morning about this issue. Let me know if my comp will work and be fine in the end!!!

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