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Win10 Insider preview on a different PC


New member
Jun 20, 2015
Today Gabe Aul has posted that from the next build of win10, insider will have to use theirs MSA (used for insider program) to login into windows to allow them to receive the free RTM.
My problem is that I have the insider preview (already with MSA) on my main PC in dual-boot with win8.1 but I don't want to continue to use it for the insider program. I want only the final and stable release of 10 on it. But I want to still be an insider, so, can I install the next build on another PC?
If not I unfortunately have to leave the insider program. I twitted even Gabe but he doesn't answer me... Can someone help me?

Ryan ODonnell

New member
Feb 14, 2014
Windows 10 has an option in Settings > Update and Recovery > Windows Update > Advanced update options to "Stop Insider Builds" I think.

When you receive the RTM build, you need to click "Stop Insider Builds" and you'll stop getting the pre release builds, however, you may be required to roll back to a previous version of Windows. This is to stop pirates getting free, genuine copies of Windows 10 without helping Microsoft test the operating system.

In terms of installing another pre release build on another PC, if you install 10130 on another PC, sign in with your MSA, you'll still get Insider builds without leaving the Insider Program.

This is just my understanding of it, but if I'm wrong, anyuone correct me :)