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Windows 10 - A few simple things missing for me


New member
Dec 2, 2010
Maybe someone can point me in the right direction, but this has been driving me nuts:

1) I can't find any way to show battery percentage as a live tile anymore. It used to be something we could do in 8.1 by going to battery saver and pinning to start screen, but that's not an option. There are third party options, but they don't update automatically.

2) MSN Weather no longer shows on glance screen. I'm assuming it needs to be updated? I really liked that feature.

3) I really wish there was SOME way to talk to people with hangouts. I have way too many friends who use that app and it's frustrating to see messages on my other phones/tablets that I missed. No, they're not all going to start using Skype just for me. Same goes for Google + posts (yes, I use Google+).

One thing that really impresses me is that Gmail notifications come in instantly. No 15 minute delay. I noticed this with the Outlook app on iPhone, but I never thought I'd see it working that way on Windows Phone. That makes this a much more viable platform for me. As much as I like Live mail, I have to use Gmail for some things.

Overall, the newest build of 10 is much more polished and usable. I just really wish I could figure out the battery percentage, weather, and hangouts thing.

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