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Windows 10 - Blank screen and unresponsive after dialing for some time. Has anyone experienced this?

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Windows 10 - Blank screen and unresponsive after idling for some time

Whenever I leave my computer idle for some period of time while I do other stuffs, the display will be turned off (which it is supposed to, so okay). Note that the computer is not going into sleep mode because I already disabled that option.

However, i will not be able to 'wake' the computer after that, even when pressing keys and so forth. I had to resort to turning off the computer by pressing the power button, and restarting it.

I've never had this issue in Windows 8.1. I've even tried reformatting again and doing a clean install of windows 10, yet the problem does not go away.

Does anyone experience this issue too? Are there any solution to this? Windows 10 Bug??