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Windows 10 Display Problem:Automaticaly switchng b/w 2 displays,eventhough only 1 display is present


New member
Jun 19, 2015
I have this problem for a week. The display is switching between PC Screen only and Extend (Project Menu - Windows+P) automatically. When I checked in display settings, my laptop is detecting a 2nd display (Generic non pnp monitor), even though no extra display is attached, and it switches to 1 display (Mobile-PC Displa) automatically. The switching goes on every minute. Could anyone help me on this.

  • Win 10 64 bit
  • Display Drivers : intel HD Graphics 4000 (enabled and up to date)
    Radeon HD 8670 M (I uninstalled it after facing this issue, but no use)
  • No external devices connected



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