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Windows 10 HDR Question.


New member
Apr 25, 2016
Hey everyone. I know its been ages since I posted here. Though I got curious. I recently got a gift of a 43 inch LG Smart TV 4k. It's nothing fancy though a huge upgrade over my 32 inch 1080p vizio tv that died on me a few weeks ago. This the TV I have. LG 43um6950 I know it has HDR abilities. ANd I know Windows 10 has a HDR thing. I usually left it off. Though I notice if im playing lets say battlefield 1 my tv will go right into HDR. My question since my tv by itself goes into HDR with out having it turn on within Windows 10 itself. Is there any point in having it turn on within Windows 10 as well? Cause once I exit Battlefield 1 then the HDR gets turn off within the TV itself. I'm just a bit confused and wanted some insight from people here. Thanks guys for any information. :)

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