Windows 10 Messaging and Phone Apps, how can I use the apps?

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Windows 10 Messaging and Phone Apps

Does anyone know how to actually use these apps?

I use the Skype desktop app from my tablet and (beside the fact it is near useless on a tablet) I can at least use it to dial a phone number or (if Outlook is running) select someone and phone them.

Am I completely misunderstanding this app or is there no way to (a) text message any phone, (b) dialog any phone number, (c) contact any person in your People, Outlook, or any list... unless they have a Skype account?

In other words... three silly apps can't do even the most basic thing the desktop app can do?


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Oct 30, 2012
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Re: Windows 10 Messaging and Phone Apps

You are right that these new messaging and phone apps are (for now) just simple Skype apps. This means that the messaging happens via Skype's network (not real texting) and that you can call any number (except emergency numbers) using your Skype credit.

However, a new feature in the November update also allows you to write texts with Cortana on your PC and who then sends them from your (Windows) phone. Also call notifications will show up on your PC.

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