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Feb 12, 2014
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Windows 10 is an amazing OS that has a lot of features to offer. However, sometimes the Windows 10 Mobile is often overlooked, especially for its "poor" app availability. Here's what I'd like to do with this thread. I'd like everyone who is interested to post a review on an app that they find great, useful, or just something they use on a daily basis. Even if someone else gave their own opinion or review on it, go ahead and post it. We may find there are features which weren't discussed or find a corresponding similarity in usefulness. Note, I do want to keep this to Windows 10 Mobile only!

I'll start:

Yes, for those of you who haven't used Flipboard, what is it? It's essentially an custom magazine application that takes your interests (that you setup) and shows you articles related to them. For example, I enjoy following information on technology, but I can further drill down and limit it to specifics within technology. I enjoy reading about Game Programming, Programming, Linux, etc. I set these options and it shows articles on a daily feed. The live tile will actually show articles and flip through them to give you an idea of the content available for reading.

Why do I like this app? - Simply put, the amount of information is gathers and shows related to my interests.
What's it available on? - There are apps available for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10, iOS, Android, etc. It even has a website so Linux users can do the same with any compatible web browser.
What would be nice to see on it? - A feature to mark a story you're not interested in to have it further learn what you enjoy reading. In addition, landscape mode reading. Now some of the articles open in Edge, so that's not a problem, however, if they open in the app, you can turn the device sideways. Also, it would be nice if instead of having to go to the site, it would just show the information in the app for some of the articles.
Who should use this? - Anyone who likes reading news, stories, information that they want to specify for what relates to them.




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Nov 22, 2016
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Facebook (Beta not the Microsoft version)

I like the new Facebook app because it finally gives us more ways to use the "like" button instead of just like, we can love, angry,laugh, etc... Also, you can view people who are live now. WM 10 not having this feature was one of the reasons I was hesitant to go back to the platform. Although, it still lacks the ability for the user to go live.
It's still pretty buggy and slow at times albeit still in beta. But finally we have a better app.


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