windows 10 mobile hotspot feature not working anymore

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yesterday i was using my windows 10 laptop mobile hotspot to share wifi from it to my phone but the next day it stop working. whenever i try to connect my Iphone to it now it doesnt connect at all I tried my old android to see if it was just that phone but on the droid it just says obtaining ip address the whole time. Also when i tried to find the problem by looking at the Local Area Connection properties i see a Ipv4 and Ipv6 and beside both of them it says no network access. Need help badly!


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Jun 12, 2013
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I also did get the same problem on current production build since anniversary update.

Sometimes If i first connect a Windows Phone through Laptop Hotspot it connects fine and after that all other kind of devices also connects fine.
but if don't then i first use any x86 app to create hotspot on my laptop and once a mobile device connects to that, then i stops that hotspot after that any device connects fine through native mobile hotspot in settings on Windows 10.