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Windows 10 October update Chaos

Stephen Noe

New member
Dec 15, 2020
For me, the recent update was a big ****-up. I hadn't used windows for a while and while I was using the desktop, the update was downloaded. I thought great, now the system is up to date. When I went to log on again, disaster. Message saying error code OXOOOO225. My understanding of computer software is user related, since the middle late 90's. So good old Google. I followed various instructions. The first major problem for me is I did not have a Windows 10 disk, so downloaded an ISO, tried to burn to disk, too large an ISO, in the end had to use a USB (First time for system software), it took ages to transfer to USB, then problem booting. To cut a long storey short i.e 6 hours; I finally managed to fix the problem, by accident more than design. I am sure others have experienced these issues and have had to pay someone to fix them. Not good enough, from an experienced software company.

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