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Hi all,
i have a question. Actually i'm using an iPhone 5s and thought about a switch to an Lumia 830 instead of a new iPhone 6 because of the good camera, SD Slot, rechargeable accu and i get everything i need (including all Apps i use) for a much cheaper price (compared to an IP6 -> 180 Euro/899 Euro without contract).
I bought a Lumia 830 (for tests) and used the Windows Phone App for Mac OS to sync the device with my iTunes Mediathek and iPhoto... Well works not so smooth but at last erverything was ok.
Now i have a question regarding Windows 10 Mobile.
1. Will it work with the Windows Phone App for Mac OS so that i can sync also in the future ?
2. Does anyone know if there is a new version for Mac Users in the pipeline for this ?

I don't want to use a phone then update it to Windows 10 mobile and after that i have no chance to sync my iTunes / iPhoto stuff....
Any ideas ??


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Sep 26, 2014
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Actual I do not know if it works now for the W10 TP but I assume it will but if it is not working I am sure it will be updated.
(And also the windows version works but is not that perfect so this version also could use an update)

A bigger "problem" is that you can not use the WPRT (rollback software to reinstall the OS/Firmware on your phone) because it will not work on a MAC so if you want to test the W10 TP be aware of that.

I hope a Mac user can confirm if the sync tool works.

Good Luck

Timm Zahn

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Jul 11, 2015
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I just tried using the Mac OS X sync tool to put music and playlists on my Lumia 830, running build 10166. It does not recognize the device and gives a generic restart the device and try again message.

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