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Jul 9, 2014
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Today morning I happened to read 'Best AirDrop alternatives for Windows' in Windows Central post.

Lil info about our mobiles at home - I bought Lumia 720, 535 and 2 640XL's in last 3 months, out of which one I purchased some 10 days back. Why 2? Well, 650 sounded a bit costly for me.

I have work related to healthcare and I do 'image' based study either on my PC or L720 mostly( 720 cant be upgraded to Win 10, I will talk about this later), I use OneNOTE like crazy and daily, all my important things I write in down there and sync it to view in any device. BUT, for this image based study, the images are generally in the device which I research, I take out time once in a while to COPY Files to PC/mobile through CORD. Why do I still do this old fashioned way? I get a chance to look at those image in a 'time line kinda fashion' and helps me bring that research at that time back into my mind. Its like 'recalling' whole experience(and SHAREit crashes a lot)

Now, back to my ACTUAL QUESTION, after I saw the post today, I looked into my SHAREit app which I believe it was from their website. I downloaded another SHAREit from Windows store on PC.

I repeated the same with 'ZAPYA',

1. now tell me Which app is best? the one from their website or Univeral Windows 10 STORE app? what are the differences b/w both?

Best for me is - less crashes, all file format support,

2. Which app do the developers work on the most?

3. bugs are fixed first in which? cuz I dont want to be on beta and the app crashes when Im in middle of my work.

4. I dont understand this thing in regards with VLC also, which one to choose.

5. Lumia 720 is on Win8.1, what disadvantages are there for a 8.1 device in regards to app features? (well I will talk about taking Surface phone in other post, 2017 seems quite far though)

6. What app can you suggest for Doctors or other profesionals in terms of productivity and apps like Onenote and Evernote?

I want detailed answers, detailed explanations appreciated.

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