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Windows 10 store tile won't update, help!


New member
Apr 15, 2013
Seems like a minor thing, but it's driving me up the pole. Any advice is welcome. On all of my PCs save one the store live tile shows at boot, as it should, and works fine. On one, however (was clean installed at W10 release), the tile usually launches with no live tile content. It won't get the content either, however long I leave it to sit, unless I run up the app and switch off live tile updates in the app settings, then exit the settings page, then return to the app settings page and re-enable tile updates. Then they update straight away.

I can then even reboot if I want and the live tile will (usually) still be showing. After a while though, it'll revert back to an inactive basic plain tile with no live content requiring the same process again.

All other live tiles work fine (weather tile needs a jab very occasionally but that's always been the case with Windows). I have tried the trouble shooters for both apps and store as advised for W8 (not much W10 guidance available), tried turning the background task on and off, tried removing and re-adding the tile and the tile's live on/off switch (which doesn't even temp solve the issue like the in-app setting does), no luck.

With any other app I'd just uninstall and reinstall it. Does anyone know how to fix the store tile? Or anything I can try? There's no way I'm going to reinstall the whole of Windows because I can't uninstall and reinstall one app, that's just not sensible, so what can be done? Any way to delete the app file manually and reinstall it via developer mode for example?

Please help before I start ripping through the registry in an ill considered fashion due to frustration.