Windows 10 Unstable, any advice?

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Windows 10 Unstable

I just installed Win 10 Pro from Win 7 Pro. It is very unstable. When I try to launch a program the screen freezes, the hourglass keeps going and after a while I get a error message that says something like Not Responding. Clicking on either of the options (Wait or Cancel) has no effect. After a few more minutes the screen goes to an all black screen and stays that way. I have to power off manually and when I power on again Win 10 comes up but the same thing happens again. I've rolled back to Win 7, but even that was problematic as when I gave it the go ahead it went to "Restarting" and that went on for 15 minutes until I again manually powered off an then on and it finally rolled back to Win 7.

Is anyone else experiencing this?



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Aug 3, 2015
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Re: Windows 10 Unstable

It would be helpful if you gave some specs so people can know what kind of system you are using. I purposely loaded it onto a crappie 2 gig ram laptop. Mind you, it's working decently, I do have some of the same problems, however, windows 10 is freshly out. Bugs are normal. I wouldn't dream of putting it on my main gaming desktop without using a second harddrive dedicated to it until I feel comfortable with the minimization of bugs.

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