Windows 10 Update Crashed my system and I cannot Log In


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Jun 27, 2020
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Just restarted my Windows 10 Desktop and the system restarted at least 5 times then on the splash screen I cannot get into the screen to log-in. My mouse lights flash on and off and anything I press on the keyboard does nothing! Ctrl-Alt-Del - nothing. I cannot get past splash screen at all to log-in. So somehow this latest Insider Preview Update totally rendered my Desktop useless. How can I fix this? I could not even get into the 'Boot Order' screen - when I pressed the F8 key it again went to the Windows 10 splash screen. PLEASE HELP!!

Update - so I have TRIED EVERYTHING. Undid windows updates, restored to a previous restore point, ran multiple anti-virus and adware programs, deleted keyboard drivers and reinstalled, tried different keyboards, uninstalled programs, checked keyboard settings, tried different USB ports - everything. Checked online searches and tried their solutions and STILL my external keyboard(s) do not work. I was able to get into the system at least using the on-screen keyboard but I still have no explanation of why I cannot get any keyboard to work with this. Any other suggestions would be great and I will update here if I find the cause/solution.

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Jan 24, 2013
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Sorry that I don't have the experience to help. My only recommendations are to try to restore to an earlier state if you are able to access an alternative boot like you're trying and as mejustsaying suggests, and, second, to be nice to your desktop by abandoning any Insider-anything for updates, avoiding "previews" and being among the first to impose on your machine. Might you have prepared a boot CD or USB drive? Good luck getting past this, which you will.

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