Windows 10 update from previous versions or extreme downgrade


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Dec 28, 2018
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How is it that in the past windows has prided itself on being the users best friend, quite literally shaping the concept of personal computers before any competitors had a chance. Now this attempt at emulating apples app design you’ve manage to show how washed up Microsoft has become in coming up with there own ideas. Since owning a pc with windows 10 the frustrations have piled up to the point of causing stress and anger. I get into an issue, then research how to resolve said issue, then I’m sent down a rabbit hole of obscurity and ambiguity for the controls of “MY” computer. I emphasis MY pc, because I want it to do what I ask it to do. This version seems to have a mind of its own, as though it knows better than me, patronizing me at every turn. I could start mentioning the plethora of issues one by on but I haven’t the patience as it’s been lost being stuck with this as my only pc atm until I get another old one that’s reliable and user friendly and not the bullying version I’ve got now.operating systems should be verified to accommodate users needs. Not the apps marketing agenda before my needs. If I want something like notifications from an app the option of knowing it’s there is nice being made to have to remove a ton features I didn’t want to begin with is tantamount to harassment and a violation of my expectations of windows products. Not to mention hours of my time. Not exaggerated. I learned how to program on gwbasics when I was 10 creating a programming system of my own similar to quick basic. Maybe I’m not smart though, because when I’m in the update section of windows 10 and I turn off updates and it happens anyhow at a time I need access to my computer to make a transaction that would’ve prevailed to earn me $200 is lost due to the so called helpfulness of my computer. ‘Thanks update thought you were off didn’t realize I had to modify the registry’; so, the computer just lied to me. Wonder how someone without any technically precocious or experienced expertise would have fared. This is called user anamosity. Give me back control of the technology that I purchase, stop innovating what doesn’t need to be innovated, don’t change so drastically give the user a chance to adjust, use your heads this new OS as was windows 8 is disgusting.

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