Windows 10 Update gave my computer cancer & it's spreading by the hour

K Hollywood

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Jan 10, 2018
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I've never had a issue with Windows 10 updates until now. :unhappy: I quickly realized that the more I tried to use it the more problems I was finding the crappiest problem is my computer loads games like I was in 1984 I never saw anything take so long to load that site gives me a message "waiting for more players" impossible that site is never waiting its busy players everywhere so I hit reload and then I can access it with like 80 people that were already there yet 1 second ago when they said no players were there. Also I used to be able to post pic comments on liveleak but now it just uploads and the pic never appears . But the waiting time online just loading a page takes forever for anything So I decide to see if there is a video online I can watch for help ... Well that didn't help at all because the flash player is freezing and jerking the video annoying me to all hell I never had any video issues or slow loading pages and sites and my games are like on a 2 second delay it's sounds like nothing but it makes a difference it's just frustrating because I suck at computer language and figuring out what made it flip out. If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it. Thank you

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