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Sep 12, 2018
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Maybe it's just observational bias on my part, but I can say that there are at least a number of customers that have come into my shop with their computer being soft-bricked by the 1803 update -- and before that, the 1709 update, and before that the 1607 update. The 1709 update and the 1803 update seem to be more pervasive.

I had one week where every day at least 3-5 customers would come in with PC's (that were mostly desktops, come to think of it) that had the mouse and keyboard disabled by a Windows update. Simple solution was to dism and remove the update that was installed, or to even perform a system restore where possible. This was in the 1709 era.

Now, I'm getting computers coming into my shop that attempt to install the 1803 update, fail out, bifurcate the user profile -- so half of it is in Windows.old and in Users -- and totally screw these computers to where I can't do anything. I cannot dism the update and remove the kb, I can't perform a system restore, I can't roll back the update in many cases because Windows Rollback is broken, and I can't perform a manual system restore... I literally cannot do anything but backup and reload the operating system.

This isn't sustainable. There has got to be a better way for me to fix this problem in a permanent fashion to where a majority of my customers are able to process Windows updates in a normal fashion without said updates bricking the ******* computer.

My career as a computer technician is already unstable as it is because it is offset by the ubiquity and popularity of mobile devices, but this problem is just making it worse... with PC's that soft-brick themselves with simple Windows updates and ASUS Desktops that freeze on every cumulative update available, and in general, computers that crap themselves every quarter now will become a strong incentive for people to simply switch to using their phones if they can, SnapTube TubeMate
Test Dpcand if they can't they're going to think I'm an ***** for having to see me every quarter.

I had one lady come in today after last seeing her in January; then, her computer wouldn't process the 1709 update because her computer had a bad hard drive and corrupt Windows. So I upgraded to a solid state drive, performed a repair install and she was _golden_. Today, she brings it in and it fails 1803. Bricked the OS. It's not my fault, it's not her fault, but I felt bad so I discounted the labor charge...

...But seriously... What am I going to ******* say when it fails the next damn update and bricks her OS again not three months from now because of this Windows as a service nonsense? What about the next customer. And the next? It's sickening to me. It's a constant revenue stream that is horrible because I have to erase all their programs and have them start over... and I don't have a repair option that is under $50 to fix this in most cases now.

Am I the only one? Are you guys experiencing this too? How do you fix this?
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