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Hi all. I have a problem with two USB devices (BlackBerry Q10 and TomTom GO 5000) which previously worked with Windows 10 but have stopped working.

Both use their own software and drivers and both appear as Network Adaptors in Device Manager when I connect them. Device Manager says that they are working properly.

I didn't connect either device for a while but have needed to connect them recently (to update the TomTom software and to access files from the BlackBerry internal storage). Now, the TomTom locks up when it is connected by USB (and is fine again as soon as the cable is unplugged) and the BlackBerry brings up a message saying that drivers are not installed. Both devices appear in Device Manager when they are connected.

Both devices' apps say that they are trying to find a device when the USB is connected, but never find the devices. As soon as the device is unplugged, the app stops searching and the device disappears from Device Manager.

I've tried this on two PCs, one running Windows 10 Home (1703) and the other running Windows 10 Pro (1607). I know that both devices worked fine in v1511 on both machines.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the apps & drivers. I've manually deleted all files relating to the apps and used uninstaller programs to try to remove all files and reg keys. Nothing has worked.

As both devices worked fine in 1511 and appear as Network Adaptors and seem to be responding in similar ways when they are connected / disconnected, I'm wondering if this is a problem related to the way that Windows handles USB network devices. It might possibly affect similar devices in the same way and I'm hoping that someone has found a fix.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks!

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