Windows 11 First Look - Hands-On!

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May 15, 2013
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The biggest disappointment for me right now is that you have to press a button to open the widgets and that's the exact flaw with the live tiles on the start menu.

They really need add an option / ability to pin them anywhere similiar to gadgets on the desktop.

On a large display or multi-monitor set up there is "dead space" as we aren't spiders with multiple eyes lol.

It's more efficient to use that space for something useful as opposed to just intermittent use when a window is maximised.

I'm thinking more along the idea of this:

You have a area that is dedicated to widget / live tiles that functions as a pinnable drawer and they are visible when snapping windows etc unless the window is maximised.

If you want more space for snapping then you just unpin the drawer or however over the drawer with other windows already snapped and the drawer automatically hides / slides away.

Personal use case:

For me when I'm using my desktop as I use a 42 inch TV as a monitor I have alot of deadspace on the left and right handside of the screen - especially when I'm browsing the web. When I'm using something like FL Studio, I need all the screen real estate.

When I'm modding surviving mars for example, I sometimes have Notepad++, surviving mars, the mod editior open in rough overlapping quadrants with a 3rd of the screen free. That's deadspace for me I'd rather have glanceable information in that space.

Othertimes It's Surviving Mars in fullscreen, Notepad++ and the mod editor cycled through with tabs. But with that I have a significant portion of the screen as dead space. Again I'd rather have glanceable information there.

At work, the idiots who set up the displays have mixed and matched displays. Some of us have large all in ones with a small monitor as a second screen. The second monitor is practically useless for me other than displaying email and the calculator. Again I'd rather have live tiles pinned for specific folders on the desktop.

One folder for the head of departments, another for the partners I work with, another for internal department email and the other for the team. I get a tonne of email at work... lol...

So I'd have email snapped to half of the screen, calculator snapped to a quadrant and other for the pinned folders.

That's my current take away from the leaked demo.
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