Windows 11 Home vs. Pro: What's the difference?


Dec 23, 2010
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it's a fine list but it's not comprehensive. the sad part is Microsoft or anyone else doesn't have a truly comprehensive list of all the differences. they list the main headliner differences.

for example, in Windows 11, let's say you have created multiple user accounts for your entire family. John, Jane, Bob, and Kathy. John signs into his account, loads and runs his typical software. He locks his account (doesn't log out). Then Jane signs in, loads and runs her software. Locks her account (doesn't sign out). Now that's 2 accounts that are actively running, both accounts consuming resources. Even if you restart the PC, when you log back in, you'll see both John and Jane accounts signed in! Even after restart, John and Jane accounts are running as if the restart never happened.

So restarting is not clean like it used to be. It used to be that when you do a restart, all accounts were closed and the system was starting fresh. But now, it's not.

Bob signs in and now 3 accounts are active. Since Bob cannot sign in as John or Jane, he can't sign them out. However, if you have the Pro version, you can load command prompt and sign those people out from within the Bob account. If you have the Home version, you can't do this. You have to ask John and Jane to sign in and then sign out. Sometimes multiple restarts will get their accounts to close. But it's random how many restarts are needed.

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