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Windows 11 on RaspberryPi 4 (ARM)


New member
Sep 25, 2021

Not sure if this post is in the correct section.?

I am experimenting with Windows 11 on the RPi 4 and I have used a couple of ways to load the Win11 image so that it will boot, currently using a script by Botspot, which actually runs on the RPi environment so no need for other platforms to be involved which is a bonus.

Currently, the RPi4 is installed within an Argon M2 housing which has built-in cooling fans, and I have a 250GByte SSD also incorporated within the Margon case.

All seems to be working fine, except there is a small matter of cooling.

The Argon case cooling is easily controlled if the Linux operating system is installed, however, I have an issue when running Win11.

Can anyone recommend an app with will run in Windows11 on an ARM platform, which will monitor the heat of the main CPU etc and also switch on the RPi powered fans?

Thank You