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Hi again,

@Kris Simundson
"Nobody here will help you pirate a Win7 key, you'll have to find it on your own, or purchase one."

This is very kind of you, but I'm not a thief or pirate.
As I sad, I already have my own windows, so I don't need to buy another. And as I sad, this is not a simple problem to understand.
I try to discribe the problem once more and clearly:
There is an aliance between the Microsoft and the universitys: so everyone, who is a student and study as a programmer, able to go get a lot of Microsoft program. For example: win7, win8, win10, visual studio, windows server 2003, and so on. You can read about this on this link, if you intrested: sorry, the system doesn't enable the link in a question, but tipe msdnaa to the google.

So every program (for example win7) is available for me, and all for free. Now you understand, I don't need to stole any windows 7 production key, so we can talk about my problem.

One month ago I'm bought a new laptop. On my older laptop I'm also used my own windows, what I've got from the MSDNAA server. So I'm thought, that I will install a win7 on my new laptop. (Of course I have win7, win7.1, win8,win8.1,win10, maybe winXP with production key, by reason of MSDNAA). But some hackers have broke the server in our university, where we can login to this site. So the two event(my new laptop and the hancers) was in the same period. That is the reason, why I asked my friend to give me his win7 setup file. It is an iso file. He didn't give me to his production key, and of course I thought, this won't be a problem, because I have my own windows, and if I'll login next time(if the hacker problem is over), I'll activate my own windows. And this part hapens now. I can login to the MSDNAA again, I'm downloaded my win7 iso file, and here is my win7 production key, but I cann't activate the windows. I'm expected this, because I know, that it's a productionID for each windowsOS product, so I'm thought I'll simple replace the productID with my own, then I write in my production key, and I activate my windows. So I have my own ID with my own key. I didn't stole anything. This is mine.
So what I want? I don't want to reinstall the OS, because this is a lot of time. I want to activate my windows with an easier way(than reinstall)
And I want to ask how? Is there someone, who have idea?

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