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I have 2 calendars which are used on my laptop in Microsoft 8; my Windows 8 calendar and my Outlook calendar. I use my Microsoft Calendar on Windows 8 as my primary calendar. This is where I enter any event in manually. Some, however, are downloaded onto my Outlook Calendar from other websites such as MeetUp, where you click on 'Export' and it exports it direct to Outlook. The reason this has worked for me in the past is that up until recently, both calendars were syncing with one another. I'm not sure if they did this directly, as it seems from the error message I am now receiving in my Windows 8 calendar that it was achieved by both of them syncing with my Hotmail account online and feeding the information back to each calendar so that they matched up. They were, up until recently, accurate.

The error message I now receive from my calendar says '(email address is unavailable'. This is a recent occurrence. Though I can not let you know specifically when it stopped working, it cannot be more than approximately 3 weeks.

Any ideas??

Many thanks

PS I hate Windows 8. It's the worst platform I have ever had the pleasure to work on, and I've worked on a lot.


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Nov 12, 2012
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Try readding the calendars in the accounts?

(Also, you do have Windows 8.1, right? And I'm surprised since 8.x is literally a faster 7 with some extra's you can disable easily.)

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