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Mar 29, 2011
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I hope windows 8 tablets sport a nice touchscreen friendly and high performance feel like the iPad, but give the full computing experience we expect of windows. iPad is cool and does have some great apps and is easier then having a laptop for school, but MS office would be far better then iWork other then the cool measurements and image effects, and it would be more functional. On a tablet I want full web... No tablet offers that. Everyone tots flash around as having full web, but what about uploading and downloading from the Internet? What about scrolling in text fields? A way to activate pop down menus normally accessed by hovering? Some java based web stuff. Those are things I'd like in a mobile browser. Hopefully windows 8 closes the gap between pc and tablet by making a tablet PC with innovative and intuitive interfaces, an app store and cloud ecosystem rather then cd apps, and finger friendly ui elements, while keeping the functionality full fledged, at least in the basics such as web and such. I also think outlook is kind of outdated and really should be merged with windows or be a windows live app that's fully functional. I say this because most cell phones have PIM functions built in and I honestly prefer checking email on my phone over setting it up in outlook. I guess I just believe PIM functions should be integrated into the os.

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