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Windows Central load time and responsiveness

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Windows Central Question

Dear Windows Central -

Just to let you know - I own an older Dell laptop, and run W10 on it. Some websites run slowly, others run with reasonable to very good responsiveness.

Windows Central is one site I try to visit regularly that runs very slowly - it takes a long time to load, and a long time to navigate within the site.

You can accuse me of having a slow laptop, or a slow router, but in reply I note that some sites run fine - only a select few run slow, and Windows Central is one of them.

I find I'm increasingly likely to not visit this site, or when I visit, to cut my visit short, due to the slowness of the site. I will guess you load the site with a bunch of graphics and other software that slows things down, but that's a guess - all I know is I'm visiting less and less, for shorter times, due to the slowness, which, if you think about it, is somewhat ironic - I don't visit a tech oriented website because it is, at least for me, poorly designed/too slow/cumbersome.

Disappointing. I'll be visiting less often until/unless things improve - it's just a matter of convenience for me. I hope you find my comment constructive/helpful. Thanks!!

Alexander Long

New member
Feb 28, 2014
Even my surface pro which is running i5 still have trouble on Windows central site, I think it is due to way too many ads on it. But the UWP app for windows 10 PC/ Mobile is coming, hopefully that could running more smoothly.