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Windows explorer not working


New member
Sep 21, 2021
Every single time I start my pc the taskbar wont load up. I have tried every single mainstream solution ive seen to fix this problem. None of the solutions seem to work. Ive even gone so far as to completely reset my pc except for keeping the files on my harddrive to keep some important files. Even reinstalling windows on another drive didnt fix it. Something else thats rather strange is that compared to everyone else who seem to have this problem have to solve the issue by going into the task manager and manually restart explorer.exe. However i can temporarily solve the problem by simply double clicking the taskbar and it will load up by itself.
Jun 9, 2021
Did you tweak your registry after reset your pc? if yes then first reverse that entry. R u on Windows 10 or 11? Its necessary to know before giving you solutions.