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i have an old asus zenbook with 7th gen intel processor and i was really curious to check the new windows 11 experience so i signed up for windows insider program through the beta channel, recieved the first beta release and it was okay but somewhat sluggish and i get it since it is still the first beta build so i got back to windows 10 from settings app, now im trying to stop this update from being forced on me, i turned the stop getting preview build option on and restarted my device several times and its not working, after restart, i opened the settings app and i still recieve that preview release .
im not sure if my device will actually recieve the official release of windows 11 so i want to stop windows 11 insider updates without losing any data ( files or apps).
Jun 9, 2021
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Dear there are 3 solution to this.
1. "Reset this pc" by selecting the option "keep your files & Folders" in this option windows will reinstall 3rd party applications will be uninstalled.
2. Restore your pc to the saved restored point which you had made before signing up for insider program. if you didn't create any restore point at that time then this option is not for you.
3. It seems that you are only an enthusiast not a tech guy but if you are interested to solve this issue by tweaking "Regedit" and "Group Policy Editor" then let me know I further guide you in this.

I suggest you first 2 points to follow.

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