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Windows is asking to restart but I can't because it doesn't recognize my mouse or keyboard. What do I do?

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Windows is asking to

Windows is asking to restart but I can't because it's is not recognizing the mouse or keyboard. Windows 10


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Aug 26, 2014
Re: Windows is asking to

If this is on a laptop, then try plugging in external USB mouse and keyboard to the laptop and attempt to use those.

If this is a desktop, try unplugging your mouse and keyboard and plug them back in using different ports and see if Windows will recognize them.

More than likely, this is a driver issue.

Be sure to check out the thread How-to Get Started with Windows 10, as it can give you not only directions on how to get started, but will also give you links to articles that can show you how to troubleshoot and fix problems as well.

If you're still having problems, please register for an account here on the forums and return to this thread. Let us know what you've tried to fix the issue, what type of device you have, etc. and we'll try to help you get your problem sorted out.